The perfect business event can leave your attendees feeling happy, content, energised, motivated or all the above. A badly run event can leave them feeling dejected, unmotivated, and upset and angry at the way the event was run. Here are three simple tips to help you achieve the former.

Consider The Room Set-up

There is nothing worse than getting mid-way through a business event and realising that the room is not set up. Are you doing a whole group conversation while sat in rows? Are you trying to complete a writing exercise and realise that you have not got any tables? Consider how the room will be used for each stage of your day – and if you need time to ‘re-set’ the room, then consider how comfort or refreshment breaks could be used to allow you to do this.

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The Participant Point Of View On Arrival.

One really helpful tip can be to ‘walk in a participant’s shoes’ and imagine them arriving at the event. We can all experience nervousness and anxiety; especially if we are travelling to an unknown venue or meeting a lot of new people. When they arrive to the venue, will they know where to go? Will someone be there to greet them? Will tea and coffee be ready? Will it be obvious where they are meant to sit? Will Wi-Fi be available for participants when they arrive or would you rather they were networking? All these small details, especially at the start of a day, can leave a positive impression before your event even starts.

Talk Through The Day, & The Rules Of Play.

When your event starts, talk your participants through the agenda and what they can expect at each stage of the day. This can only take a few minutes, but again, can help start your day on a good footing. The other to explain can be the rules of play – as an example, should participants help themselves to tea and coffee at any time, or should they wait for the breaks? Can questions be asked in the middle of the presentation or at the end? If you are running a longer conference, you can even consider creating these ‘rules of play’ as a group to allow everyone present to have ownership and hopefully agree!

OakHouse Professional Virtual Assistant Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire, UK

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