When you are using content to promote your business and generate additional work, it is important that this content is engaging. You want people to read your content, find it interesting and remember it. Better yet, they want them to remember you as a company! That way, they will refer to you in the future when asked to recommend an expert in your industry.

So, how do you make your content interesting and engaging?

Check out our five top tips below:

Top Tip 1: Include images and videos.

Images and videos can transform a dry piece of writing into something that is memorable. This is particularly relevant if the article itself is long and particularly detailed. Using relevant images and videos can inject some personality and humour to balance out the writing.

Top Tip 2: Use a conversational tone.

Allow your personality to come through in your writing which will, in turn, make the writing easier to read. Personality can be shown through the introduction of humour or through references to metaphors if appropriate. However you do it, just make sure that it doesn’t go over the top. No one enjoys an inappropriate joke when reading an article.

Top Tip 3: Make sure the content is relevant.

This is particularly relevant if you are hoping to gain additional work from your content. Readers are not going to read through the entire article if they do not care or do not understand the topic you are writing about. Take some time to research what your audience wants to know about and tailor your articles around this. This will ensure that visitors to your website will read the content through to the end. In turn, this will increase the likelihood of additional work being won.

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Top Tip 4: Keep your content varied.

When you are consistently writing about the same industry, it can be very easy for each article to be similar to the last one. In order to keep the content varied, include a range of different types of post. Options you could include list posts, interviews, videos, how to guides or guest posts. This variation will keep readers interested and encourage them to come back and read further articles.

Top Tip 5: Create original content.

This is a difficult thing to do as, no matter what you write about, you can pretty much guarantee that somebody, somewhere on the internet has written about it too. However, try to identify new and interesting facts and figures based around your topic. Another option is to interview somebody to get unique information, particularly if that individual has not been interviewed previously.

The quality of your content is an important factor, which can help to increase your audience and, therefore, grow your business.

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