E-mails can end up sapping up most of your day. According to research completed in 2012, “the average worker will spend 25% of their day reading and answering e-mails” and that e-mail was the second most time consuming activity for workers (after ‘person/role specific tasks.’) Billions of e-mails are sent worldwide each day. With many CEO’s or business leaders receiving hundreds each day – below are some tasks for getting and staying on top of your e-mails.

Remove the spam!

As you receive each newsletter or sales e-mail, consider if it is worth unsubscribing. By having these e-mails sitting in your inbox. The important e-mails can end up going unread or unnoticed. If you do desperately want to keep these e-mails. Then maybe set up a divert so that they go to a different folder or mailbox and you can read them as you get chance.

Have a set strategy for how to read and respond to your e-mail.

There are many different strategies you may wish to employ to help with your e-mail. Some people find that setting aside set times to check e-mail (the first and last hours of the day, or ten minutes every hour) can help manage this. Other people respond to e-mails straight away if it will take them less than 5 minutes to action. Leaving the ‘bigger e-mails’ in their inbox to deal with later. Try out different strategies and find out what works for you in your role and workplace.

Organize your e-mails using folders, flagging and categories.

Once an e-mail has been dealt with, decide where you would like to store it. If you do use folders, this can remove the number of e-mails inside your inbox. This will allow you to see when new e-mails come in and allow you to action them in a prompt manner.

Returning from holiday to an overwhelming inbox? Email managing services can provide a once-off tidy to save you time.