Choosing to take on a virtual assistant can be a big decision. You are essentially choosing someone who will represent you, your small business or your company. Here are some things you may wish to consider when hiring a virtual assistant:

Choosing a Virtual Assistant

Choosing The Right Virtual Assistant:

Are They Reliable?

If you give your virtual assistant a task, can you ensure that they complete it? If they have any questions, will they come back to you and ask? Are they able to manage their own timescales and deadlines?

Virtual assistants are designed to make your life easier, rather than provide you with more work, or something else to worry about. That is not to say that a virtual assistant should be all these things from the start – it is important that you build a working relationship and ensure that they understand exactly your requirements.

Are They Polite and Personable?

If your VA will be answering the phone or replying to e-mails, then it is worth considering whether they have a natural and easy phone manner. They should try and remain positive and ensure that they listen to your clients as clearly as possible. Again, it is worth talking to them at the start about how you would like them to act on the phone – as an example, do you refer to your clients by first name or should they be addressed as ‘Mr. X’ or ‘Mrs. Y’.

Virtual Assistant Stoke-on-Trent

Will They Generate Ideas?

A good virtual assistant will not be afraid to make suggestions. They will be operating using your systems on a day-to-day basis and may spot updates that they can make to create a more productive and effective business. A virtual assistant may also generate other ideas and see opportunities. An excellent virtual assistant will be proactive, identifying the opportunities that may be right for your company and pursuing them.

Choosing the right Virtual Assistant will ensure a smooth transition. Freeing up your time to focus on what matters most.

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