Applying for a business award can be time consuming. Requiring in depth knowledge of the business or the individual being entered and a particular style of writing. With all of that effort required, why are awards so sought after by businesses and how could one help you?

Business Award Entry

Greater Awareness & Recognition

If you choose an award category that correlates with your company’s values or mission. This can act as a recognition of your expertise – particularly if you win. Business awards have specific criteria that are judged against, so winning an award in an industry related category will suggest expertise within that industry. This can, in turn, give you a stronger position and strategic advantage against your competitors.

When you apply for a business award, the awards organiser will usually promote your business giving you additional coverage. This increases brand awareness, particularly within the business community.

Increased Sales & Customer Loyalty

It is commonly said that successful businesses want to work with other successful businesses. Winning a business award, or even coming Highly Commended. Strengthens the trust that potential customers have in your ability to deliver a high-quality service.

Similarly, it will also remind your existing customers why they initially chose to work with you. This, in turn, builds customer loyalty and portrays a positive message to your existing customers. In the same way that successful businesses want to work with successful businesses. Customers like to stay with businesses that are perceived to be doing well.

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Increased Staff Motivation

As well as recognising the work of the business, a business award can also recognise the work of your team. Whether this is the recognition of a well performing team, or of an outstanding individual. This recognition will boost motivation and morale.

A business award also sends a positive message to your entire team. Generating additional employee pride and further boosting motivation – even the motivation of staff who were not involved in the award.

Improve Your Prospects

Believe it or not, having a business award under your belt can help to bolster applications for external investment. This is especially relevant if you have been recognised as a high growth company as part of your award.

Just attending the business awards ceremonies provides you with the opportunity to network with the other awards entrants. This means that you will be networking with other high performing companies, and perhaps much larger companies. Giving you a unique insight into some brilliant organisations.

Winning a business award can be beneficial in so many ways, especially for a small company wishing to scale up.

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