When creating a website for your business, it is vital that you ensure that your target audience can easily find your site. Search engine optimisation improves the quality and quantity of website traffic from search engines (if done effectively).

So, how can you effectively implement search engine optimisation?

Here are a few ways you can fully utilise this:

1.Choose relevant keywords.

It is important that the keywords you choose are ones that your ideal customers associate with your business. If your keywords do not match what your customers are searching for, your SEO will be ineffective! Try to avoid making your keywords too technical, it is unlikely that your customers are experts in your field.

2. Carry out extensive research.

Linking to our previous tip, completing research will be extremely helpful for identifying the best keywords and improving traffic flow to your website. This research could include analysing what search terms people enter in to search engines for businesses similar to yours.

3.Update your website regularly.

Once SEO is implemented effectively and your business is the top result on search engines, it is not guaranteed that it will stay there forever! Regular updates are essential to keep your website moving and in front of competitors.

4.Use a clear format.

Did you know that customers only read the first few lines to decide if the article is what they are looking for?  Using clear titles and a clear opening paragraph gives you a better chance of capturing the interest of your reader. Search engines also want browsing the internet to be easy, meaning a more simplistic format is best for getting your website to that top position. How users view your website is very important. You want the user experience to be the best possible, encouraging your readers to get in touch and ultimately leading to an increase in sales.

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