How The Office Environment Can Affect Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction has been described as the feeling of contentment or accomplishment that a team member gets from their job. Numerous factors can influence the level of job satisfaction, one of which is the environment in which they work.

Traditionally, people who work within an office environment spend the majority of their time during the working week based inside the same building. Therefore, the features of this environment can heavily influence how they feel when they come in to work each day. As well as their level of productivity throughout the day.

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Factors that have an impact on your team members’ experience whilst at work can include:

Noise Levels:

Increased noise levels have been linked to a decrease in team motivation levels and an increase in stress and irritability. It is therefore essential that you find a way of keeping noise levels to a minimum within the office. One way of doing this could be by splitting large open plan offices into multiple rooms. To reduce the number of people in the room and, subsequently, reduce the level of noise. Alternatively, providing breakout rooms for group discussions can also help to reduce noise within the main office.

Lighting Levels – including the presence of windows:

There is a direct correlation between the level and type of lighting in an office and the performance of your team members. Lighting levels can have an impact on visual comfort, the ability to problem solve and mood. The natural light introduced by windows has a positive effect on team members’ performance. With studies finding that individuals prefer working in offices that have lots of natural light. If natural light is not available within a workplace. Then the level of artificial light should be carefully considered to ensure it is light enough, but not too light.

Temperature Levels:

Although different people feel the temperature differently, it is important to find a balance that is reasonable for everybody. When the office is too warm, this can result in illness and cause drowsiness, subsequently reducing productivity and job satisfaction. There is also evidence to suggest that complex decisions are more difficult to make when the environment is too warm. The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers suggests that the ideal temperature for offices is 20 degrees Celsius.


When your team members do not have the room they need to store all of the necessary paperwork and the space around each desk is reduced. This can result in postural issues due to the inability to sit comfortably and increased irritability due to a feeling of lack of privacy and personal space. Therefore, the layout of your office should be carefully considered. Providing desks that are big enough to comfortably fit all of the required equipment on. Providing sufficient space for computer chairs to be pulled out from under the desk without colliding with anything behind.

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Office Aesthetics:

There have been a number of studies considering the impact of an office’s aesthetics on team members’ job satisfaction. Including the colours of the walls and ceilings. It has been suggested that different colours are suitable for different situations and individuals, depending upon their job role, culture and background. For example, a neutral colour scheme can help in roles that require a high level of concentration whilst exciting colours can enhance motivation in creative roles. The colours used within an office can also help to create an impression of size – with light colours making a room look larger and dark colours on a ceiling making the ceiling seem lower.

Outdoor Features & Job Satisfaction:

It is not just the features inside the office that affect your teams job satisfaction. Some outdoor features can also have an impact, including the presence of trees outside of the office building and being situated in a rural environment. Trees are reported to have a calming effect on individuals, with businesses with trees on site reporting a lower level of absenteeism and high productivity.

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It is amazing how many different factors can have an impact on job satisfaction. Whether that is by improving the wellbeing of your team members or by increasing their motivation. If you are looking for a new office premises to help enhance your teams job satisfaction. OakHouse Professional can help identify potential buildings and book in site visits on your behalf. Why not get in touch to find out more about we can help?

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“Outdoor features can also have an impact.”

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