Saving You Money With A Virtual Assistant

How A Virtual Assistant Can Help When Money Is Tight

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When your money is tight and your workload has sky-rocketed, the obvious answer is to hold off on recruiting. Even if the pressure of the workload is getting too much. This can result in the quality of your teams work dropping if they feel overworked. It could mean not meeting all of your demands, or worse, negative mental or physical health issues.

A virtual assistant can help in numerous ways with this situation – enabling you to still reclaim some of your time. Whilst saving you money that would be spent if you decided to spend your team.

Below are six key ways that a virtual assistant can help free up your time and save you money.

Saving Money On Employment Costs.

When it comes to an employee on an hourly rate, there are many costs that we forget to factor in. These being Employers’ National Insurance and PAYE, pension, holiday pay and more. As well as human resources costs, contracts, recruitment, factoring any future bonuses. Compared to what seems to be a higher hourly cost. A virtual assistant will actually save you both time and money.

Saving Money On Resources And Utilities.

Although working from home is becoming more common, an employer is still be required to provide any equipment and resources. In comparison, a virtual assistant works remotely, providing all of their own resources and equipment. A virtual assistant would also cover the costs of their own utilities, including mobile phone and internet provision – saving you a pretty penny.

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Only Pay For What You Need.

If you run out of work for an employee on a regular basis or for a sustained period of time, then you face a difficult decision. Either taking the monetary hit or letting them go. When you work with a virtual assistant, you have the flexibility to only pay for the hours that you actually need. Need a project overseeing one month, and then nothing for the next two months? No problem. A virtual assistant is flexible, working around you.

Only Pay For The Hours Worked.

When you employ somebody, you will be paying for their lunch break, their toilet and coffee breaks. A virtual assistant will only charge you for the hours that have been worked. Meaning that you do not have to cover the cost of them making a coffee on their 10 o’clock break.

Providing A High Level Of Experience For The Same Cost.

Virtual assistants are highly experienced within the field of business administration. As well as other speciality sectors depending on their background. To employ somebody with the same level of experience would require a significantly higher wage, and potentially a bonus scheme on top. A virtual assistant will still work for their set hourly fee, saving you money. Completing the work quickly, efficiently, and giving you the very best for your money.

Admin Support Services

Providing Recommendations On How To Save Money And Time.

A virtual assistant will have experience with various processes and systems. They will also be able to recommend steps to improve the productivity of your own company. By improving efficiencies, this will result in less manpower being required and fewer excess costs.

A virtual assistant is the equivalent of a highly qualified personal assistant. An assistant that covers all of their own outgoing costs, aside from a set hourly fee, and doesn’t take holiday pay.

OakHouse Professional offer Admin Support Services to keep your business going when you need it the most. Find out more about what Administration Support Services that OakHouse Professional can provide you. Alternatively, get in touch to talk to a member of our team today.

OakHouse Professional Virtual Assistant Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire, UK