Proof Reading and Editing

Sometimes it is difficult to identify grammatical and spelling errors when it is work that you have done. Why not utilise our Proof Reading and Editing service and ensure grammatical accuracy?


OakHouse Professional Virtual Assistant and Admin Support Proof Reading Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire, UK

When you are putting something out there for your customers or for the public to read, it can be essential that the text is grammatically correct. This helps to ensure there is no misunderstanding and conveys the professionalism of your company. Our proof reading service can help you achieve that.

At OakHouse Professional, we have a wide range of administrative experience including the proof reading and editing of numerous texts and documents. We can help you check the grammatical accuracy of your documents and then correct, whether on a one off basis or on an ongoing basis.

Simply send us over the documentation you want us to check through and let us know its intended purpose. We can check it for grammatical accuracy and ensure that purpose is conveyed clearly. Whether you want a digital version of the document to be checked or if you would prefer a physical copy, we will work flexibly with you.

Why not utilise OakHouse Professional’s proof reading and editing service? Let us help convey your business professionally and accurately whilst you concentrate on other things.

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