Digital marketing is an ever-growing industry, aiming to reach an ever-growing audience of people. Some companies have managed to develop their strategy early on and this had led to their business growing and thriving; other companies have ended up falling behind and may now be feeling the repercussions.

Why Use Social Media?

At this exact moment, 22% of the world population has a Facebook account. The average adult spends two hours per day on social media (younger adults and teenagers can average as many as 9 hours). Digital marketing to these audiences can lead to good returns on investment – 57% of millennials (those in their 20s and 30s) have said that the adverts they see on Facebook are relevant to them and 48% have made a purchase based on an advertisement they saw on social media.

Why Should a Small Business Use Digital Marketing?

If you are a small business, or SME, you can gain a large ROI (return on investment) from targeted social media marketing. You may wish to target a particular demographic, a particular location or advertise a particular service – this pinpointed approach can help you cut through the larger companies (such as Amazon and Facebook) and target the exact audience you are aiming to reach.

importance of digital marketing

Digital Marketing and Analytics:

Digital marketing also gives you access to data. If your advert is gaining a number of click throughs in a certain time slot, or on a particular day, you can use this data to change your posting schedule and reach an even bigger audience than you are already doing. Detailed analytics can also show you whether the advert has been shared, how long the advert was open on an individual’s screen and whether it led to any ‘click throughs’ to your website. By learning more about how people view your content, you can optimise further.

By targeting and developing your digital marketing strategy, you can gain a growth in audience and more data on which areas of your website are performing well; by continuing to cultivate this, you can continue to grow!

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