Do you require the help of a virtual assistant?

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It is quite common for small business owners to find themselves working a huge number of hours in order to keep their business running. Generating more work, and to make sure any work that has been completed has been invoiced and paid for. With this amount of work on, there is a high probability that something will suffer as a result. Whether that is your time with your family or the standard that each task is completed to.

This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in

A Virtual Assistant works closely with business owners to provide administrative and skilled professional support on a remote basis. This helps to free up the time of the business owner to concentrate on other things. Such as business strategy, operational tasks or perhaps just taking some time away from work.

Communicating predominantly using email, telephone or video calls, you may never actually meet your Virtual Assistant face to face. This is depending upon what your requirements are. Alternatively, if needed, your Virtual Assistant may work in your own offices. This can be on either a regular basis or for one off projects.

Services that a we provide include, administrative, bookkeeping, marketing or technical tasks. These Services can either be completed as part of a one-off project or on an ongoing monthly basis.

Your Virtual Assistant is just another member of the team.

Virtual Assistant Services

A Virtual Assistant will rarely rely on you for resources, having their own software and hardware. Unless a bespoke software package is involved or the use of a physical resource at your site is required. This means that they can carry out work for you at any time, being flexible and responsive to your needs.

Virtual Assistants are the perfect solution for business owners who need an additional member of their team but are not in a position to take somebody on. Alternatively, if you have a project that involves tasks that are outside of your skill set. A Virtual Assistant can help to make sure that the project is delivered to a high quality. Whilst keeping the demand on you to a minimum.

OakHouse Professional provide a wide range of virtual assistant services, including skilled and administrative support services. Why not check out our Services page for more information.