What is it and why might you need help with technical document writing?

The term “technical document” can mean a range of different things, depending upon the context. These can include company policies, terms and conditions, product specifications or user manuals. As well as any other documents of a similar nature.

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Whereas content creation for a website or for a company brochure requires an artistic style of writing. Which allows your tongue to roll over the words, technical documents require a formal style of writing. These documents should be detailed and specific. Incorporating the smallest of details to ensure that all the facts are presented as they may be relied upon to enforce action or to defend against a complaint. It is also important that, although professional language should be used as part of this type of document. The content should be easy to understand and minimise the risk of different interpretations being taken by individual readers.

Types Of Documents:

Technical documents may also include technical drawings to give a visual representation of the construction or use of an item. This is particularly relevant in product specifications or user manuals. These drawings should, again, be clear and easy to understand, lending additional clarification to the writing already in place. These drawings should be digital and of a high quality. This will enhance the professional appearance of the document and the company’s reputation.

Company policies should always consider the latest relevant regulations, legislation and requirements. Requiring research into any recent developments and considering the context of the company that they are written for. Although there are many policy templates out there, each company is unique and different. Therefore it requires a bespoke approach to the writing of its policies to ensure that each policy is relevant and enforceable.

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Similarly, all risk assessments should be conducted and written on a site by site basis. This is to ensure that all of the risks on a specific site have been considered and addressed. Without a site-specific risk assessment being conducted, or in the case of a generic risk assessment being used. New risks or risks that have not previously been apparent may be missed and cause problems down the line.

Available Services:

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OakHouse Professional Virtual Assistant Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire, UK